Our standard research rate is $50.00 per hour.  We require a 50% deposit upon the signing of a contract with Family Legacy Genealogy.  Depending on the scope of desired research to be completed the following packages are offered.  Each package will include the original research,  documents**, a full report with source citations, GED com file,  and a binder. It will also include updated pedigree and family groups sheets as needed for the research.  Research will be conducted at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City or online.


10 Hours of Professional Research  – $500.00


20 Hours of Professional Research – $950.00 (5% Discount and Save $50.00)


30 Hours of Professional Research – $1350.00 (10% Discount and Save $150.00)


40 Hours of Professional Research – $1700.00 (15% Discount and Save $300.00)


*Additional expenses may include costs of copies of records, and other documents; fees paid to agents outside of local area for records search; fees paid to courthouses, repositories and other record facilities if required.   If the required records are not available in Salt Lake City or online, record searchers in the locality of concern are employed to perform the searches and on-the-spot research is conducted.  No additional charge for research conducted in the Salt Lake City and surroundings areas.  If you would like to have the research results on a CD or thumb drive there will an additional charge.

**All documents will be copies or digital copies unless client requests originals when available.  Additional fees will vary depending  on the repository.  All additional fees or charges that may occur as a result of the research will be discussed with the client and agreed upon prior to ordering.